OAHQ 2019 Fall Newsletter

From the President, Jhera Woodard

Welcome to Fall! We are one quarter away from the end of 2019. As I reflect on the year, I am pleased with OAHQ’s accomplishments and ready for challenges that lie ahead.

2019 goals were as follows:

  1. Provide education relevant to healthcare quality

  2. Remain financially solvent

  3. Maintain viability by sustaining or increasing membership

  4. Remain in the forefront of healthcare through membership who provide a pool of knowledge, competent professionals willing to accept leadership positions

  5. Provide membership with a ballot at annual meeting for board positions

Success was achieved with three of five goals this year…

  1. Annual state conference occurred with new topics (Medicaid, managed care, human trafficking) and two CPHQ review classes were offered (May and July).

  2. Funds were maintained to ensure annual conference and review classes could occur. New venue at Quest was cost effective.

  3. We saw an 18% reduction in membership this year. 2019’s membership is 72, 2018 was 88, and 2017 was 104. In order to sustain this great organization, it will take all of us. OAHQ launched the new website this year, opened a Twitter account, and are working on creating a Facebook account. We would love to have interested members share their talents and volunteer. If you have suggestions on how to increase membership or want to get involved please reach out to us at oahq1119@gmail.com.

  4. We have a diverse group of OAHQ members that bring their talents, skills, and experience. The Board will continue to network and encourage current members to consider volunteering. If you can’t give your time consider promoting the organization at work or on social media to help spread the word about our great organization!

  5. We did not have any nominees to bring forward via ballot for vote this year. We need you…VOLUNTEER WITH OAHQ!

It’s been an interesting year for OAHQ and 2020 will be even better! We will miss our board members that have resigned this year and the dedication that they always gave. Those of us that remain are ready to take the helm and steer this organization into a new year! I personally want to thank each Board member for their tenacity, drive, willingness, and commitment to OAHQ.

Be ready for changes to the conference date and a sneak peek announcement at the end of this newsletter issue regarding a renowned keynote speaking who is confirmed as well. You won’t want to miss it!